It’s my 1st blog & I really appreciate that you’ve shown some interest in reading it. Coming to the motive of writing the blog is to let you know about my personal experience with LIPSINDIA while learning Digital marketing.
The reason why I felt inspired to write this is my wish to share my experience….
Most of you must be aware what digital marketing is but many of us are unaware where to learn in a proper manner & with practical Knowledge.

I joined these classes on a trial basis for 2 days i.e. the Demo classes but what I learnt in these Demo classes have totally changed my mind and encouraged me to take the entire course.

You might think, what I learnt in those 2 days probably changed my mind? The answer is CHAI……. and I literally mean it.

Now you might obviously thinking that I must be a fool to have joined such a reputed institution for just a cup of CHAI… Well, you’ll see that my point will be clearer as you go on reading the blog.

The first reason of joining these classes was I want to switch my current job and look for better opportunity & prospects. But I was stuck with many questions and was much hesitatnt about what to look for? Where to look for? What to do? What not to do? etc etc.

I am not as much experienced as some of you readers might be but I have a good habit to ask my doubts to those people who are experienced and who can give me proper advice and suggestions. One of my friends who is Campaign Manager (Digital marketing) advised me to take the Digital marketing classes. However I had no clue why? As I could not think of the relevance of his advice my reaction to his advice was much So my reaction were like: – ahhh?? Pagal hai kya tu? Ja bay…….. and colorful way commonly used among boys.

But then he explained me its Significance &, how it will help me to grow the carrier and most importantly how much it pay to a fresher like me. When he was explaining all this to me it was full of energy, enthusiasm and with powerful energetic words that I was fully convince to join these classes. But then again the Question was WHERE would I get such class???????

So, again this friend, who had taken the classes from other institute, referred me to LIPSINDIA. I asked him why this particular instituteLIPSINDIA…? The answer he gave me was exactly what I was expecting “Better Job opportunity with good startup”.

I went to inquire about the classes, I got the best treatment by the person in charge at LIPSINDIA and all my queries were solved at the same moment and so I decided to join the class.

I remember the very first lecture given by was of Anand Sir who also is itself the Director of institute. The first 2 days lecture has totally changed my Mind as Anand sir went on explaining about Digital marketing & importance of Digital marketers in the market today.

While Anand sir’s lecture was going on a person came to our class He was a CHAI-WALA. I am not much fond of CHAI but I was shocked to see one at the class room – is it some kind of demo or are they going to serve us some chai.
Well, it turned out that they do serve chai in the class; The Student’s should not get distracted from Focus of the lecture and also it serves a simple break where you can relax while you’re in the class. The purpose is straight forward.

The most important thing noticed in the class is the way our our teachers give us their attention. As the batch size is very less approx. 15 to 18 students per batch or some times less than this as well. We get the best exposure & all our queries & doubts are answered. Our doubt/queries never go unnoticed.

I have seen many of such classes/Institutes where hundreds of student are rushed in the class and teacher(s) is/are un-attentive & towards our most of the queries. Reasons are obvious, we hesitate to ask in-front of the crowd and secondly we don’t understand anything.

Similarly there is second person who conducts our technical part of Digital marketing and he is the best known person and trainer Viraj. The best part about Viraj is that he is always ready to solve your query with proper live trending example so you get to know the best practices followed by MNC’s.

Even some times when we get distracted from the lecture he arranges for the CHAI. Isn’t it GooD? Best practices are followed by each and every staff member of LIPSINDIA.

This is just a simple example of CHAI. But think!!!! Is there any other institute who pays for your ONLINE project assignment of GOOGLE AD-WORDS? Answer is NO……………

But here in LIPSINDIA we are asked to make individual campaign and the online payment for GOOGLE AD-WORDS is paid by institute. This is the first LIVE campaign made by you. And here you learn what are the right practices, what mistakes need to overcome and many other industrial ongoing practices.

The reason of writing this blog is simple. To share valuable feedback, to share what I have experienced and the other one is to show my creativity to the recruiters.

This is my first blog so my writing might not be skilled & might seem pretty amateurish but what I want to share is my personal experience of a class that is so different from all other conventional classesLIPSINDIA.

Neither I am some emotional fool nor I am a CHAI addict. I am just a concerned person who thinks if I could get benefit from the class why not other too.

Once again thank you for your valuable time and apologies if this reading has caused you any inconvenience.

Kindly feel free to give your valuable & relevant feedback……

Vishal Durge| Current Student of LIPSINDIA | 17th June 2017 Batch.

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Note: This is a non-paid blog. The content is written by my own. So, if there is any similarity between my blog and any other content over the internet then it should be consider just a coincidence.